WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp for Business API helps Companies to aid their communication, who wish to expand their presence and make sure to penetrate their user journey by accessing each touch-point possible. Our platform helps you to become reachable and accessible to your customers.

A superior user experience leads to higher engagement with end-to-end encryption with multilingual, verified business badges, brand logos, brand names, conversational capabilities, large text formats, and rich media content.

You can increase customer outreach now on a large scale with business-initiated messages & user-initiated messages (with bot interaction & live agent) platform also help to create an E-commerce journey.

SMS Marketing

One SMS can be sent to several different people at one time. Also because the medium is mobile phones the messages are delivered to the person wherever he is. The motive is to drive customer engagement, acquisition, and retention, and improve security and loyalty with the most advanced, user-friendly, and robust SMS as a service platform.

Promotion SMS

A promotional SMS is sent by brands to potential customers to inform them about new announcements, schemes, discounts, and offers. Create, schedule, and automate SMS through this two-way channel.

Transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is an automated message that has been initiated by the action of a customer. Transactional SMS enabled with API. They work as notifications for important events, track orders, and help you develop a connection with your customers.

Email Marketing

A system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network.. our email marketing is a way of sending information to the end users via an internet platform. The entire objective is to float the information to a solicited group of people.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails reach out to your customers immediately after they have interacted with your business services. These emails are Fully encrypted. These Secure transactions increase your brand reliability.

Promotional Emails

With our highly customizable Platform. You can manage, structure, and edit your campaigns at the click of a button. Also with inbuilt features like tracking, status reporting, and an exhaustive analysis of your campaigns and the progress made by the campaign.


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